Adult Merit Awards recognize service rendered to Guiding above and beyond the requirements and expectations of the position held. They are approved and presented at four levels based on the caliber of service being recognized – District, Area, Provincial and National levels of Guiding.

The Area Awards Committee is chaired by the Area Awards Adviser and consists of the District Awards Advisers. They review applications for awards requiring Area approval and through consultation evaluate and approve the nominations received.

We encourage Guiding members to nominate leaders for merit awards if their volunteer work has noticeably benefited the girls and the organization. We provide advice on the guidelines for the standards of merit recognized and assist with the nomination process.

Nominations for awards requiring Provincial and National Council approval are submitted by the Area Awards Adviser to the Provincial Awards Committee after ensuring that the application and documentation is completed as required.

Congratulations to the recipients of the Adult Merit Awards approved at Area and Provincial levels, presented June 2017.

Thank you for being such great role models and for your exceptional service to Guiding!

Commissioner/ACL Award

Sharon Fortney
Grouse District Commissioner


Tricia Lang
West Vancouver District


Colleen Clayson
Tetrahedron District

Denise Holliday
Tetrahedron District

Tiffany Vellios
Tetrahedron District

Lions Area Certificate of Appreciation

Tiffonie Vincent
Grouse District

Debra Kerr
Grouse District

Larry Mac Donald
Grouse District

Sharon Smith
Grouse District

Stephanie Millward
Grouse District

Natalie Ingrham
Tetrahedron District

Megan Keslo
Tetrahedron District

Please contact your District Awards Advisor, or the Area Awards Advisor for advice on the following forms and support documents:

ADULT MERIT AWARDS – forms and support documents:


These are presented to recognize individuals in Guiding, or individuals and organizations who are not a part of the Girl Guide movement, who have provided support to Guiding.


Every Guider makes her own special and unique contribution to Guiding. Here are some ideas of fun and informal ways to say THANK YOU!


Lions Area provides Education Grants to adult (22 and over) and youth (younger than 22) members of Guiding in Lions Area towards education at a recognized post-secondary institution. The Awards Committee reviews applications received to verify that the required criteria has been met.

Congratulations to the recipients of the Lions Area Education Grants presented in June 2017. We wish you success in your future endeavors!

Lions Area Education Grant for Girls

Camille Cook
West Vancouver District

Sara Lyall
Lynn Valley District

Wendy McCormick Grant for Girls

Victoria Navarrete
West Vancouver District