Training provides an opportunity to connect and share with other Guiders who are just like you! Training takes something that seems difficult and makes it simple, relevant but most importantly, FUN!

Training 2017-18

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What You Need to Know

Training in Girl Guides is called Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM). Every Guider should have an opportunity to take training which will enhance their Guiding experience. Lots of training is available on e-learning for those that can’t make it to face-to-face training, but we are lucky in Lions Area to be able to connect with most Guiders through training face to face. We are also very lucky in Lions to have an extremely supportive Area Council that promotes and supports training.

For more about the Training and Enrichment for Adult Members and e-learning, visit Memberzone.

Training and Enrichment Flowchart



We make several important connections to Guiding:

UNIT GUIDERS: Besides connecting through Trainings that we offer, we also offer ‘Roving Camp Training’ and would love to try to visit 20% of Lions Areas this year

DISTRICTS: We have a goal to try to visit every District this year and take some fun training snippets to meet and greet the Guiders and make a connection with Training. This year we are supporting Grouse District as they host a new enrichment opportunity, and we would love to support a District with planning and training for a Retreat and Enrichment weekend!

AREA TRAINERS: We meet 3 times a year to team build, learn, share, network and come up with some great ideas that help promote training.  Many Trainers are only connected to Guiding through the Training team so this is super important!
AREA COUNCIL: We attend monthly meetings, gather input from District Commissioners, provide Safe Guide snippets, etc.

INTER-AREA: We would like to expand our reach this year. Tetrahedron District invites Guiders from Pacific Shores Area (Powell River is just a short ferry away) to participate in our network of training opportunities.

PROVINCIAL: 7 of our Trainers are attending the Western Regional Trainers Conference in September in Richmond (held every 3 years)…AND 4 of our Trainers are presenting! This Conference is attended by Trainers from across Canada


Tracy Clark
Tracy has been a Guider in Lions Area for over 30 years, with positions from Unit Guider to District, Division and Area Commissioner. She loves Sparks and Brownies and seeing their eyes light up with they accomplish a task or craft, or see something on a hike they did not expect.  She loves to do crafts and show everyone that they are not as scary as they seem, and is passionate about making sure everyone is having FUN!!!!!

Katie Caple
Katie loves music in Guiding, camping, walking and hiking, having fun, and basically anything to do with the Arts (not so much crafts). She has been Guiding for 40 years – from Vancouver to Prince George and now the Sunshine Coast. She is currently the President of the Panther Trefoil Guild on the Sunshine Coast, and she loves to do anything with her grandchildren ages 4 to 12 – four boys and last but not least a girl.

Clare Lakes
Clare is happiest when cooking over a camp fire, sleeping in a tent, hiking in the mountains or digging a shelter in the snow at Winter camp. Clare has enjoyed leading girls through Sparks, Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders. She continues to be involved in Guiding as she shares her experience and love of the outdoors as a Trainer.

Jill Bower
Jill has been a Girl Guide Leader for Sparks through Rangers, and involved in two SOARs. She is an outdoor enthusiast, active in all year camping, hiking, biking, equestrian riding, snowshoeing, cross country and skate skiing.  She is an OAL Adventure Camping Trainer and Expedition Leader, Paddle Canada certified kayak instructor and guide, and certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid 90 hr. 

Maureen Rennie
As a Brownie and Guide in North and West Vancouver, Maureen was inspired by her Guiders to become a leader. In addition to being a unit guider in Brownies, Guides, and Pathfinders, she has served as District Commissioner and Division Camp Advisor.  Knowing that the adventures, fun, challenge from camping and enjoying the outdoors mean memorable experiences for their girls is what makes her love working with the training team to see girls and guiders try new things, build confidence and have fun.

Mary Gates
Mary is a 3+ decade Guiding Member enjoying the jolly game played mainly in the out-of-doors. Training is an opportunity to actively foster the sisterhood of Guiding.  International travel and providing leadership in the special big camps with Sparks through Rangers are special events.  Being part of a training team that is able to foster the same long term connections for today’s Guiders remains one my goals.

Tamsin Guppy
Involved in Girl Guides for over 10 years, Tamsin continues to be involved because of her love of the outdoors and her desire to share her enjoyment with others.  Tamsin’s favourite guiding activities are backcountry camping, hiking, kayaking, cycling and snowshoeing. Tamsin enjoys helping get groups outside and can come to your unit to help you develop skills for future camps or other outdoor activities.  Look out for Tamsin teaching fire lighting at camp skills day, leading winter camp, or coming up this fall on a bike tour in the Seymour Demonstration Forest.

Nancy Moote
Nancy Moote is a Guider living in Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast. Her focus in Guiding is on camping and outdoor activities. Most recently she taught a workshop on Wild Plants for Guiders on the Sunshine Coast, including a wild tea tasting and a nature hike on Camp Olave’s Jean Milne Trail.

Susan Gilmour
Susan is passionate about teach Guide Guiders to teach Guides. She loves teaching the Horseshoe and encouraging girls and Guiders to accomplish the Lady Baden-Powell Challenge and start towards their Canada Cord. Susan started as a Guider in Sparks 14 years ago and has been a leader in Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders. She enjoys the traditions, community service opportunities, and outdoor activities with Guiding.

Val Clark
Deputy Training Advisor
Registrar and e-learning

Valerie has been involved in Girl Guides for as long as she can remember. She’s worked her way through the girl programs and was a Sparks leader for 8 years. She has been with the Training team for the past 12 years, where she teaches Sparks Unit Guider skills, Safe Guide, Residential Camping and more! She looks forward to meeting you at the next Training!

Alison Speirs
Area Training Advisor

Alison has been a Trainer for more than 20 years and is presently the Area Training Advisor.  She feels that Guiding has shaped her life in a thousand wonderful ways and has many happy memories of Guiding growing up.  Alison has been a leader in all branch levels, a District Commissioner and is currently a Yellow Safe Guide Assessor.  She invites you to share her passion and enthusiasm for Training!

Would you like to become a trainer? Contact for more information.

Evaluations from Training participants…

…New Guider Training Day was just so much fun! I really was dreading going and wasting a full day but the time flew and I learned so much that will help me this year with my Brownies! Thanks!

I was really shy about attending New Guider Training Day but my District Commissioner picked me up and brought me to the training and it was just great! I met so many new Guiders just like me! A group of us are planning to meet for coffee…I was so impressed with everything…thanks!

My Guiding buddy and I arrived together not expecting anything special…but wow! Someone with balloons met us right in the parking lot…we had no doubt that we were in the right place! Thanks!

The Trainers at Guide Camp Skills Day were just great…so patient and kind! The best part was the look on the girl’s faces when they lit a match for the first time! So much fun…we can hardly wait to go camping and try out our new skills!

Safe Guide wasn’t boring like they told me…every moment was full of good, clear, concise information…thanks to Val…she was awesome! I am actually looking forward to completing my first set of Safe Guide forms for our next camp!

…I cannot fully express how connected I feel to Guiding at the moment…what a weekend! I thought that I had seen and done everything Guiding but this was purely magical…I highly recommend an enrichment retreat/overnight to everyone!

I was totally feeling overwhelmed…but now I feel like this is doable…
I love how the training has given so many great take home ideas to try out immediately…thanks!