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Sharon Fortney is the Lions Area Program Adviser. She is here to assist Guiders of all experience levels to get the most out of the Girl Guide program. Please feel free to contact her.

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Canadian Presentation
at an International Camp/Event

Position – all the Canadians kneel (or stand during the narration, then kneel to sing), in pairs – the shorter person in front of the other – as if they are already in a canoe.  (If there’s an extra person, she could just stand to narrate.)

Presentation:  with a flash drive and OV projector

  1. Show Slide 1 – an empty canoe.
  2. Narrator reads or explains the gist of “How to Use a Canoe”.
  3. Show Slide 2 – with girls in a canoe on the water.
  4. Slide 3 – words for your song – projected behind the kneeling Canadians.  The Canadians sing the song once together and then once as a round. (The words are for the audience.)
  5. Invite the audience to sing the song once (or twice) depending if they know it or not.  Divide the audience into 2 groups – one half of Canadians sing with one group, and the other half of Canadians sing with the other half.  Sing the song once together and once or twice as a round.

The same presentation can be done without an OV projector.  Omit the slides and just do the canoe information and singing.

Suggested songs (use one only):

  • Land of the Silver Birch – Jubilee page 15 – appears in more Girl Guide / Scout songbooks internationally than any other Canadian song.
  • My Paddle is Keen and Bright – Songs for Canadian Girl Guides page 24

If you need sheet music or MP3 (piano notes) for either song, please email Ming: or phone 604-985-8363

How to Use a Canoe

Written by Estha Murenbeeld

Narrator reads (or describes the following with some miming.)

 How to get into a Canoe (from the shore):

  1. Place your canoe perpendicular to the shore, with the bow pointing out.
  2. Have one person straddle the beached-end of the canoe to stabilize it.
  3. Paddlers step into the boat in front of this person.
  4. Crouching and holding the sides of the canoe, the paddler moves forward, always keeping her feet on the center line of the canoe. To dramatize this method, have one paddler stand erect with feet apart and show how the boat will wobble and threaten to tip everyone into the water.
  5. When she is sitting as forward as possible, the next paddler steps into the boat to take the next position.

 How to paddle a canoe:

  1. Grip the top of the paddle with the inside hand. The outside hand holds the shaft partway to the blade.
  2. The paddle should enter the water with the top hand over the water.
  3. Pull the blade through the water in a straight line along the length of the canoe.
  4. Time your stroke so that your paddle doesn’t interfere with the paddles in front or behind you.
  5. The canoe will be steered by the stern paddler.

Canoe safety:

  1. Keep your knees low and never stand up.
  2. Wear a life jacket.
  3. Canoes should be equipped with a bailer and throwing rope.
  4. If the canoe capsizes, stay with the canoe. Don’t try to swim for shore.

Say No to Violence Challenge

Violence against girls and women is a serious issue. By participating in this challenge, girls will gain a better understanding about gender-based violence and healthy relationships.

A picture of three boats for Canoeing
Here We Are BC Membership Challenge

Here We Are Membership Challenge

A challenge for all girl and adult members designed to promote Guiding by being more visible throughout the Province.

Guiding Mosaic 2016 Challenge

This challenge is for girls and Guiders across all levels of Guiding, whether you are planning to attend GM2016 or looking forward to the next National camp when you are older.

Guiding Mosaic Challenge

Program Resources


Across Canada Challenges

A fun and exciting way for girls to discover Canada and develop a real appreciation of what Canada is all about.

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