Tune Guide

Over 100 songs were recorded by Shelagh Walsh. Provides audio, but not lyrics or sheet music. Songs can be found in these songbooks.

Becky’s Campfire Songbook

Song lyrics for hundreds of songs.



If you would like some music training at your meeting place and time, send an email with all the following information to Ming Berka: :

  1. choice of 2 dates (will confirm one)
  2. start and end times of your meeting (I will come for the last 45 minutes + your closing, unless you specify earlier)
  3. name of the school, church or building
  4. address or intersection – and if the building has more than one door, tell me how to get in
  5. contact person’s phone number
Remember to use one email for all the “who, when, where, etc.”  If you need to change your appointment, please provide the same information but also the original date so I can find you on my Google calendar.
  • My main requirement is that as many leaders as possible sit with the girls and learn the songs.  Adults can sit on chairs, and participate as much as possible.  If all the leaders say I absolutely cannot sing, consider asking a mom or an older girl to be your singing leader, but be in the circle yourselves.
  • Districts can combine up to about 30 Sparks and/or Brownies; Guides and older can be combined as well but not with Sparks and Brownies.
  • I will not bring lyric sheets for Sparks and Brownies but a file can be sent to you by email (usually afterwards).  Guides and older will require lyric sheets (at cost – approximately 6 cents per side), and I can provide both hard and soft copies if you tell me how many copies are needed well in advance – reimburse me when I come.
  • For Guides and older, you may request specific songs or a theme – e.g. Canadian, international, camping songs, Guiding songs, Maori sticks, etc.
  • You may bring a recording device (e.g. cell phone), or you can call me and I’ll sing a tune over the phone to refresh your memory.