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Snow Camp at Joffre Lakes

Well, 8th Crown Pathfinders survived their snow camp training weekend – despite as one of our trainers put it “…the coldest camp she’s ever done!” Figure it got to -15 C on the first night, so it was very chilly in our little tents! But had a good time was had by all, featuring great activities from our trainers Tamsin and Clare and yummy food. We did better than the Scouts who were camping nearby (with a lot less supervision) as they reported three cases of mild hypothermia, as they came across a couple of their boys “lying in the snow” and were unsure how long they’d been there! Yikes! Stars were fantastic – so huge and clear in the cold night sky. Winter camp is checked off my bucket list.

Sarah Grierson Bishop is a Guider with the 8th Crown Pathfinders.