Four girls posing with the Malcolm the moose

Malcolm’s October Adventures

Malcolm has been busy this October! He’s had a lot of fun visiting with girls and Guiders from around Lions Area. Here are a few of his favourite adventures:

Malcolm the moose visited the Panther Trefoil Guild meeting at the Sechelt Seniors’ Centre.  He enjoyed lunch and met quite a number of members.  He displayed immaculate manners and received a Crest commemorating Camp Olave’s 90th birthday from Linda Atkins our President.
Elderly people posing for a picture with the moose
Four girls posing with the Malcolm the moose
Malcolm joined the 1st Roberts Creek Pathfinders for their unit meeting on October 16th and learned about making gadgets and lashings.  They enjoyed meeting him at the Challenge Spectacular the day before at Cates Park too!
Malcolm cheered on the 8th West Vancouver Guides at their cross-country competition.
Four girls posing for a picture with the Malcolm the moose at the park
Three girls sleeping on the floor and speaking
Malcolm got to go to a sleepover, and had an awesome time!

Malcolm visited Lions Area Challenge Spectacular, getting to know Pathfinders from all around Lions Area as they tried new things and had lots of fun!

Three girls posing with the Malcolm the moose
people with Malcolm the moose at the october adventure

A-MOOSE-ING FACT: The word “moose” is derived from an Algonquian word meaning “twig eater”.

group photo with stuffed moose

Meet Malcolm the Moose

Lions Area Training would like to introduce Malcolm the Moose! Malcolm is the cousin of Fred (of juice-drinking fame), and he is on a mission to visit as many units in Lions Area as possible! Malcolm carries a bag with a notebook to keep track of his adventures, and encourages all his new friends to [...]
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Snow Camp at Joffre Lakes

Well, 8th Crown Pathfinders survived their snow camp training weekend – despite as one of our trainers put it “…the coldest camp she’s ever done!” Figure it got to -15 C on the first night, so it was very chilly in our little tents! But had a good time was had by all, featuring great […]

Guides on the Air

An annual Thinking Day event, Guides On The Air (Golf Oscar Tango Alpha) took place with the North Shore Amateur Radio Club at the North Shore Emergency Management office on February 18th.  A hands (and ears) on activity learning how radio communications work – Morse Code, phonetic alphabet (Alpha Bravo Charlie), walkie talkies, and radio [...]
Three volunteers giving guide to the kids

Pathfinders on the Canada Line

Last week our Pathfinder unit took part in the Canada Line tour which is offered free to school groups. I’d heard great reviews from younger units such as Sparks and Brownies, and how the girls had a great time – so was a little unsure whether the older girls would gain as much from the […]

8th Crown Pathfinders at Mix It Up

Mix It Up 2016

8th Crown Pathfinders had a fun weekend at Mix It Up 2016 this weekend at the Girl Scouts Northern Property, just outside of Sumas. It was a beautiful location on an old homestead, big open grassy field with lots of room- the only drawbacks were a lack of water and port-a-potties! Great activities based on the "Bring [...]
Lions Area Girl Guide lined up smiling

Coast to Coast Adventures

Coast to Coast! East to West! We had a blast, and it passed by so fast! The food was great, and we made a few mates, while traveling new terrain. Museums, forts, and souvenirs and fireworks on Canada day! Lighthouses on PEI, Bay of Fundy, and the Halifax Citadel! Braiding hair and doing dishes, Packing [...]
A picture of the kids walking with their backpacks

Backpacking at Pedals, Paddles, and Packs

Pedals Paddles and Packs was first conceived by four Area Camping Advisors (Cindy McInnes, Julie Ramsay, Tammy Tromba and Gwen Walwyn) at a Provincial Camping Committee planning and training weekend.  The goal was to offer taster adventure camping opportunities for Pathfinder aged girls, who might not have had much opportunity to try cycling, canoeing, kayaking [...]

Annual Report 2015

Lions Area Council is pleased to release the Annual Report for 2015. This year, the girls and Guiders of Lions Area have done some incredible things. We’ve highlighted just a few activities our units have taken part in. Download the Full Report CoverCouncilSTEM & ArtsServicePersonal Growth & CommunityActive Rec & InternationalOutdoors & CampingAwardsCover Council STEM & Arts [...]