Coast to Coast Adventures

Coast to Coast!
East to West!
We had a blast,
and it passed by so fast!
The food was great,
and we made a few mates,
while traveling new terrain.
Museums, forts, and souvenirs
and fireworks on Canada day!
Lighthouses on PEI,
Bay of Fundy,
and the Halifax Citadel!
Braiding hair and doing dishes,
Packing snacks and making breakfast.
Navigating in the vans,
Singing and dancing too!
And don’t forget all the time we spent
on personalizing our smashbooks!

Halifax was really cool it had a lot of history to it like Pier 21 and Africville. We also when to the citadel and at the citadel we had a very nice and funny tour guide his name was Geoff. It was a very educational and fun experience.

While we were in Halifax, we went to COWS ice cream. It was so good, all of us wanted another. They also made fresh waffle cones so it always smelt like fresh waffle cones.

Throughout the trip there were amazing views, especially in Prince Edward Island. In PEI, it was amazing and beautiful and we all agreed that it was our favorite spot on the trip.

The funniest and best part of the trip for me was on the side of a road. It might sound a little weird but it is true. It was on the way back to the hostel. We had a song that we all knew all the lyrics to, “Me Too” by Megahan Trainor. We all started singing and yelling all the words as we were standing on the side of the road. We even got a couple of truckers to honk at us.

I am glad that I went and had the chance to see this part of Canada.

The trip was even better than I expected. We always had something to do. Our days were filled with many fun and educational experiences.

Personally, my favourite part of the trip was going to the Citadel and all of the forts/fortresses because there were so many places to explore and you got to see what life was like around 100 years ago.

When I think about the trip out east, the first thing that comes to mind is our experience with lobster and how Amelia ended up eating them all.

Going to the beach is one of my favourite things to do. I was surprised at all the differences between here and out east. There, they have sand that is red and the water is colder, I also found it a little windy and the sand would whip around.

Another thing I loved was the Elmira railway. I just felt like a kid on the mini train and the other train ride was such a cool experience!

Next on my list, potato fudge… I loved the Canadian Potato Museum and the fudge was super cool! When I brought it home to share with my family they loved it, but were a bit surprised because it didn’t taste much like potatoes but it is now in high demand in my house.

I enjoyed Canada Day because we had some free time to explore and the fireworks were amazing. it was also a cool thing to meet those pathfinders from Ontario!

Traveling with a large group of people is fun but it can also be a hassle and sometimes people can get on your nerves… but I think it was a learning experiance for everyone.

I think the smashbooking was definitely a good idea because it was very easy to explain my trip once I got home. I am going to make one for every where I go now!

Finally I would like to thank the leaders for their hard work and planning, none of us could have had these experiences without you!

Rachel, Emma, and Ella took part in the Tetrahedron District Coast to Coast trip this summer, visiting Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Photos by Melissa.

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