8th Crown Pathfinders at Mix It Up

Mix It Up 2016

8th Crown Pathfinders had a fun weekend at Mix It Up 2016 this weekend at the Girl Scouts Northern Property, just outside of Sumas. It was a beautiful location on an old homestead, big open grassy field with lots of room- the only drawbacks were a lack of water and port-a-potties! Great activities based on the “Bring out the Animal in You” theme – from a service project building duck and bat houses, to animal tracking station, to dissection of owl pellets! We cooked a challenge dinner with a younger Girl Scout group from Arlington, WA – it turns out they had farther to travel than we did! We heard that the next Mix It Up theme for 2017 in BC will be “The Circus” – we can’t wait to sign up!

Sarah Grierson Bishop is a Guider with the 8th Crown Pathfinders.